Welcome to Mastroianni & Associates Private Wealth Management

We understand that as you grow, personally and professionally, so will your expectations. We know every client is unique and will require a financial plan specific to their needs. Our mission is to provide exceptional customer service by responding in a timely manner and providing you with the personalized advice you need.

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Who we help

We work with clients who have enjoyed success and built substantial wealth. We help define near and longer-term strategies to maximize financial well-being, minimize taxes and ensure our clients are able to take care of the things that matter most to them.

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What we do

Our team has more than 30+ years combined experience in financial services, and our expertise is complemented by that of IG’s in-house tax, estate, insurance, mortgage and advanced financial planning professionals. Working together, we create a tailored strategy for your fiscal well-being that looks at every aspect of your financial life — a living plan that evolves as your circumstances change over time. Because we know that, in the big picture, every little detail matters.

Tax planning

Taxes impact every aspect of your financial life and tax-mitigation strategies are a critical part of sound financial planning. Our holistic approach integrates sophisticated tax-planning solutions to help you keep more of your wealth over the long term.